Positive Splash Dog Training uses current positive reinforcement training methods. Every dog learns differently so we have a variety of strategies and tools to ensure training success. There are 3 ways animals learn: shaping, luring & capturing behavior.   We are the only positive reinforcement training facility in the Florida panhandle who trains dogs with severe behavior challenges, aggression, reactivity and resource guarding.  We have years of training experience with dogs of all different sizes, shapes and ages.

Peeping Dog
& Train

Board and Train is our most popular service. This is a uniquely customized program where your dog will receive training while living with a trainer in our home.  This program is ideal for busy families.



"Where Dogs Learn Because They Love You" is more than just our motto. It's what sets our company apart from others.


 We believe training is about communication.  It is scientifically proven that animals learn faster and retain more when behavior is reinforced. 

Tiffany Jourdain

Positive Splash Dog Training