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Dog Boarding, German Shepherd

We offer boarding for your pups in our homes and enjoy having them become part of our family. Boarding is limited so be sure to book soon! 


Group play is offered for social dogs. We can accommodate dogs who prefer to play by themselves, seniors, and young puppies. Large and small dogs are separated for safety. Throughout the day, dogs are offered multiple potty breaks and play times. The first outing is at 6 am and the last is at 10 pm.


We ask that you bring your dogs food, a copy of vaccination records and a blanket that smells like home. 

Dogs must be up to date on vaccinations and flea and tick medications. Boarding is $45 a day for one dog. $70 a day for 2 dogs. $105 a day for 3 dogs. 

Boarding, Boston Terrier, Dog Boarding


When our dog Riley was 10 weeks old we did a 2 week board and train program with Tiffany and her team.  She is 3 years old now and still goes to "Aunt Tiffany's" when we travel.  She literally starts bouncing in the car when we pull into the driveway and truly loves everyone there.  AND they love her. 

-Nancy Bleusky

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