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We've been proudly serving the Pensacola FL community for over 8 years, specializing in behavior modification and obedience using positive reinforcement techniques for dogs of all breeds and ages.

Pensacola’s Best Dog Training

 At Positive Splash Dog Training, we use current positive reinforcement training methods.


It’s our honor to help you and your pup with any behavior challenge.  With our training expertise, we can help your pup with manners, obedience, separation anxiety or severe behavior modification. We also offer a phenomenal 14 day puppy program.  


We are the only positive reinforcement training facility in the Florida panhandle who trains dogs with severe behavior challenges, aggression, reactivity and resource guarding. 

If you want your dog to receive quality training in a loving, professional environment, we are the trainers for you.  Dog training includes human training and we make sure you leave not only with a well trained pup, but a clear understanding of training cues, commands, and confidence.

At Positive Splash Dog Training, we provide unparalleled dog training solutions for pets and their owners. Our unique approach to Board and Train allows your pup to live in our home and receive the best training possible. We have limited space available to ensure that every dog in our program receives personalized attention and care. Our program is designed to help your dog develop desirable behaviors, while maintaining a fun and friendly atmosphere.


Positive Splash Dog Training – Customized Dog Training Program in Pensacola, FL

Strengthen your connection with your canine. Positive Splash Dog Training offers private dog training with personalized solutions for addressing your biggest concerns. Whether you need puppy training or behavioral training, we can develop a dog training customized program to suit your needs.

Contact us today to arrange a customized dog training program in Pensacola, FL.

Why Work With a Certified Dog Trainer?

Every dog has a unique personality, which means that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to dog training. The most effective training involves a tailored approach.

An experienced trainer can address specific issues and concerns with a customized dog training program. Here are some of the reasons that people prefer to arrange training with a private and certified dog trainer:

  • Potty training

  • Crate training

  • Chewing and destructive behavior

  • Jumping on people

  • Aggressive behavior toward children or other pets

  • Basic obedience training

Dogs are often happier and healthier when they have more structure in their lives, which you can provide through effective training. Teaching your dog basic obedience skills and correcting problem behaviors can lead to greater happiness and a stronger bond.

Custom dog training programs are available to dog owners in the Pensacola area. Your program will address your concerns and help improve your dog’s behavior through positive reinforcement training methods.

Get the best foundation for your pup with our Board and Train option. Your dog stays with us throughout the duration of the program, allowing us to provide a more hands-on and consistent approach for more effective results. We also offer a puppy program, which includes two weeks of boarding and training.

Need Dog Training? Call us 850-503-1825

Dog Trainer wearing Positive Splash Dog Training T-shirt

"Where Dogs Learn Because They Love You" is more than just our motto. It's what sets our company apart from others.


 We believe training is about communication.  It is scientifically proven that animals learn faster and retain more when behavior is reinforced. 

Tiffany Jourdain

Positive Splash Dog Training


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